It’s a brave new world, sunshine.

Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth. I am a music junkie, a bisexual, a poet vandal, a cat lady, a gypsy, a sometimes nudist, a writer of nonsense, both a twisted bitch and a goddess, a geek, an explorer, a builder of forts, a quote-whore, a drinker and a fiend.

If I were a man, I’d be pretty femme, gypsyish, drunk, and have an EPIC MUSTACHE. So I guess I’d be Eugene Hütz.

“I am the woman who yells at potted plants in the library. Yes, she’s clearly troubled, but she’s not helpless. She doesn’t take any shit from vegetables, for instance.”

“She was like a cat, but not a domestic cat, more like one that stalks villagers in those old jungle movies.”

“Some they saw in me innocent poetry
Some, some say they’ll never be certain
But still it’s been written, a history of lovers
Given and taken in ink.” -Iron & Wine

“The pearly gates had some eloquent graffiti like “we’ll meet again” and “fuck the man” and “tell my mother not to worry”-S.B.

“Poor femininity! All this time we were trying to save you from 
discovering the bitter truth! But you wouldn’t turn back! Now having 
finally balanced career and family, you’ve learned both should be 
avoided. Follow man’s example, you mistresses of the Earth–guzzle beer, hunt gothic monsters and conquer the Indian sub-continent.”

“I am the wanderer’s wandering daughter, I take my pain and I mix it with water. I’m lost and alone and I’m fair and I’m free, you am what you is and I are who I be.”- Kimya Dawson


If I am the sum of my parts…


More navel gazing: I’m going to a California university, and will probably study abroad in India and never come back. I have a scandinavian facial structure, and could probably open tin cans with my cheekbones. My sexuality is ambiguous. I love walking barefoot outside in a thunderstorm, and dancing until I get soaked. I name all my plants. I like to categorize my neuroses, even though I’m zen most of the time. I swear like a pirate (hide the rum.) I’m addicted to chai. I’m interested in serial killers, religions, evolution, psychology, cultural and forensic anthropology, frolicking, vagabonding, nudity, badassery, playing air banjo, philosophy, the zombie apocalypse, cultures and social constructs, traveling the world, tea parties, barefootery, and bear hugs.

I like life, it is funny and heartbreaking and disturbing and great. I am more than my thousand names. I am lost in translation, sunburned and foreign and strange, a love vigilante, a rambling gypsy. I am the girl who fell from the sky. My head is full of stars.

So now lists!!


  • m. ward
  • monsters of folk
  • iron & wine
  • gogol bordello
  • modest mouse
  • sufjan stevens
  • andrew bird
  • the devil makes three
  • the avett brothers
  • the beatles
  • bowerbirds
  • the mountain goats
  • margot and the nuclear so and so’s
  • blind pilot
  • pedro the lion
  • karen o and the kids
  • the shins
  • the weepies
  • blitzen trapper
  • ugly casanova
  • ravi shankar
  • the white stripes
  • arcade fire
  • wilco
  • the ramones
  • radiohead
  • regina spektor
  • neutral milk hotel
  • the dresden dolls
  • flogging molly
  • the decemberists
  • kimya dawson
  • muse
  • the strokes


  • eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  • (500) days of summer
  • the darjeeling limited
  • garden state
  • the namesake
  • everything is illuminated
  • little miss sunshine
  • the matador
  • the professional
  • but i’m a cheerleader
  • fear and loathing in las vegas
  • lost in translation
  • the royal tenenbaums
  • fight club
  • chocolat
  • wristcutters: a love story
  • amelie
  • 28 days later


  • battlestar galactica
  • dexter
  • true blood
  • the big bang theory


  • world war z
  • oryx and crake
  • life of pi
  • 1984
  • brave new world
  • the giver
  • fahrenheit 451
  • mistress
  • the secrets of a fire king
  • paint it black
  • white oleander
  • fight club
  • sunshine
  • memoirs of a geisha
  • LOTR
  • harray pottah!
  • chocolat
  • lolita
  • ada
  • the liar
  • hippopotamus
  • shogun
  • heart of darkness
  • mayfair witch chronicles
  • taltos series
  • ender series
  • a song of ice and fire series
  • t.s.  eliot
  • ted hughes
  • pablo neruda

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