I have an affinity for teacups and serial killers. My head is full of stars.

May 4, 2010

Zen and poetic, with a touch of psychopathology. Sounds like my kind of party!

“So Emily, what have you been doing lately?” “Eating wires and lighting fires!” Man, I love schizophrenics.

I’ve been watching an absurd amount of House M.D. (I want to be him, but in sex research or serial killer research.) I also watched all the Hannibal movies in one sitting. I was strangely attracted to the Red Dragon, with the tattoos and the harelip and the tendency to bite people and replace their eyes with shards of mirrors. I wish they hadn’t shown me his manbits eight times in the course of the movie, however.

Then I watched “The Buddha” and studied Buddhism and Abnormal Psychology. I played the “Poem in your Pocket” game the other day, where I would write down scraps of lyrics or poems, and place them somewhere a stranger would find them.


Life philosophy: “Love, love is a verb, Love is a doing word, Fearless on my breath. Gentle impulsion Shakes me makes me lighter, Fearless on my breath.”

“Something started in my soul, fever or forgotten wings, and I made my own way, deciphering that fire.” – Pablo Neruda

life is for living, we are gracefully insane

we are all mosaics of broken beautiful pieces. my heart is a burning sun, my head is full of stars.

“If only I could throw away the urge to trace my patterns in your heart, I could really see you.”

we live in a beautiful world.


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