This little orange is coming back to the land of sunshine and eucalyptus!

March 29, 2010

Welp, after a fantastic day at work with my crazy coworker D-, I did some grocery shopping, and experimented with a veggie burger, which was SHOCKINGLY DELICIOUS, had some green tea, checked my email, and BAM.

I’ve been accepted into UC Santa Barbara. Which means I can stop STRESSING about my future (ugh last year or so has been terrible, way too unsure), because no matter what, I’m coming back to California this fall, living in the dorms, so room and food are no problem. I plan to get there in late summer and go vagabonding around with my fellow gypsy, Sarah. We’ll be like gurus of our own religious philosophy: gypsyism, barefootery, wanderlusting.

We will g0 wine tasting, get lost, and collapse in some field, drunk on alcohol and sunlight. Hiking, dancing, swimming, running, laughing, adventuring. Glorious. Golden.

It’s nice to have someone who’s on the same wavelength as me. We both have extremely vague life plans, confusion and beautiful chaos. I’d like to be a nun in Tibet, live in India, hike in Peru, eat all the food in Thailand, maybe chill with the Roma gypsies. You get the idea. I want to live, and breathe, and laugh. Rip myself out of the shell I’d been living in for so long. Life is disturbing and wonderful and heartbreaking and great. You should try it.

I had a dream that was narrated by a Bowerbirds song. Lovely.<3

some Hunter S. Thompson quotes for ya:

“The kids are turned off from politics, they say. Most of ’em don’t even
 want to hear about it. All they want to do these days is lie around on 
waterbeds and smoke that goddamn marrywanna… yeah, and just between 
you and me Fred that’s probably all for the best.”

“Jesus man! You don’t look for acid! Acid finds you when *it* thinks you’re ready.”

It’s 4 am, time for me to give my pillow some lovin’.




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